Conception of “Event Expo-2017” the I-st specialized exhibition of events

1.Name of exhibition: «Event Expo-2017» the I-st specialized exhibition of events involving in the following clusters: «Rest & Entertainment», «Fashion Expo», «Wedding Expo», «Mass Media & Advertising Expo», «Tashkent Flora Expo». 

“Event Expo” is the first exhibition of actual trends and novelties for professionals and start-uppers of event-industry. 

2.Organizer: “Uzexpocentre” JSS NEC

3.Date: April 5-7, 2017; 

4.Venue: “Uzexpocentre” JSS NEC, exhibition halls №№ 1, 2, Conference hall, Atrium and Japanese garden

  1. Frequency: annually

6.Objectives & aims of exhibition: Integration of the best experts in their sphere - organizers of show-programs, producing centers & studios, owners of event-sites, anchorpersons, artists, musicians, dancing groups, animators, florists, stylists, decorators, confectionery houses, wedding, model, travel & event-agencies of the city, social communities, technical equipment of events, photo- & video- specialists, firms-lessors of equipment, furniture, decorative wares and limousine service, representatives of catering, contractors and young start-uppers as well, who wish to present and to realize their potential in the market of event-services at one site. 

  • Creation of good competition in the present sphere
  • Setting up of adjusted organization structural base of event-agencies for attraction to perform projects of the various fields
  • Consultations with representatives of committees, associations and appropriate departments regarding legal, tax, banking and other juridical issues. Briefings and work-shops with participation of leading foreign specialists of business and economic spheres

The visitors and participants shall have a chance to get information regarding modern tendencies of event-industry, to get acquainted with professionals and to select a contractor for the further profitable cooperation. 

  1. Clusters: 

“Event Expo – 2017” the I-st specialized exhibition of events: 

  • Event-agencies
  • Sites for holding the events
  • Event-production & show-content
  • Event-décor
  • Confectionery houses 
  • Restaurants, banquet halls, catering 
  • Producing centers & studios
  • Photo- & video- specialists
  • Rent, maintenance
  • Technical equipment of events
  • Transport services




“Rest & Entertainment” the I-st specialized exhibition: 

  • Travel agencies 
  • Hotels 
  • Parks and rides 
  • Rest in active 
  • Thematic cafes-restaurants 
  • Museums, theatres, cinemas, artistic galleries, book-shops 
  • Sport halls 
  • Training halls and pools 


«Fashion Expo» the I-st specialized exhibition:

  • Fashion houses 
  • Defile 
  • Design studious 
  • Brand garment’s manufacturers 
  • Stylish foot-wear
  • Photo- & video- studious 
  • Stylish garment’s shops and boutiques 


«Wedding Expo» the I-st specialized exhibition:

  • Wedding houses 
  • Wedding salons 
  • Beauty parlours 
  • Jewellery salons 
  • Restaurants, banquet halls, catering 
  • Wedding decorations
  • Bridal bouquet 
  • Wedding invitations 
  • Anchorpersons and artists 
  • Firms – decorators of dowry, gifts etc. 
  • Wedding cake 
  • Confectionery houses 
  • Design-flora
  • Photo- & video- studious 
  • limousine service


«Mass Media & Advertising Expo» the I-st specialized exhibition:

  • Advertising agencies 
  • Production houses (materials, volumetric letters, digital printing, light-boxes)
  • Printing & printing houses 
  • Digital printing (design and creation of package & stickers, POS materials) 
  • Promotional supplies 
  • Equipment for advertising production: printers, machines, etching 3D
  • Giftware: business– & VIP–gifts, branding the stationery, textiles and others 
  • Designers, creative and architectural agencies 
  • Internet – advertising (SMM, digital advertisement, media-buying agencies) 
  • Outsourcing the marketing services 
  • Promotional & model agencies 
  • Mass media 
  • Out-of-home advertising (roll-up banners, flags, stands)
  • Marketing activity (BTL, TTL, SMS)


«Tashkent Flora Expo» the II-nd specialized exhibition:

  • Landscape architecture & design 
  • Study of flora and accessories for flowers arrangement 
  • Flowers and floriculture 
  • Technologies, tools and equipment for floriculture and landscaping works 
  • Flower decoration & décor 
  • Flower compositions in the garden 
  • Greenhouses and greenhouse technologies 
  • Fertilizers, plants protection devices 
  • Gardening construction 
  • Drug plants 
  • Flowers shops and flower delivery 


  1. Information & advertising provision 

For the further promotion of exhibition-fare, creation of image and support for prestige in the course of preparation and the work of event, it is provided for holding the advertising campaign with application of the following advertising means and mass media: 

  • Direct mail and facsimile distribution 
  • Distribution by e-mail
  • Printing mass media – “Business partner” (Delovoy partner) magazine (article 

regarding holding the exhibition)

  • Rent of advertising-information video-clip – social nets and communities 
  • LED-screen on the area 
  • Directories – Golden pages, Yellow pages (the main banner on the official web-site), Flexo Express (“Tashkent” airport, “Tashkent” railway station)
  • Radio: Grand, Oriat FM, Ozbegim Taronasi (news, actions) 
  • TV-PR and advertising 
  • Outdoor advertising – underground, subways, billboards, advertising-printing products – distribution of flyer at supermarkets 
  • Articles of PR –,,,,, RedPen, My Day, VOT and in the official web-site 
  • Advertising at the pages of the partners’ and participants’ web-sites 
  • Holding the actions in the social nets with presenting the prizes (tickets for visiting healthy-entertaining complex (“TashkentLand” children’s park and others) and photo-session in Japanese garden). 
  1. Financing: Own funds of the exhibition’s participants, sponsors.  


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